Defending our Conservative Values


There’s no equivocation in my beliefs about where I send on our conservative principles.  I’m 100% Pro-Life and “A” rated by the National Rifle Association for being pro-2nd Amendment and pro-crime reduction. 


I will always stand up for our constitutional rights.


Economic Growth


As a small businessman, I understand firsthand just what it takes to grow a business, create jobs that provide a good wage, and provide opportunities for our workforce.  One area that we have to tackle, along with President Trump’s efforts on the federal level, is to cut the red tape and regulations that prohibit our businesses from growing.  Government can often times be a deterrent to creating jobs and we have to keep that from happening in Florida. 


Illegal Immigration and Public Safety


It’s simple for me – No Amnesty, No Sanctuary Cities, and we should end our participation in the Obama-era Federal Refugee Program until can get 100% vetting and security from the federal government.  We also need a State Representative dedicated backing our law enforcement community in the tough job they do protecting our community and keeping us all safe from danger. 




I support an “All of the Above” approach to improving education in Florida and protecting Florida from federal overreach.  I DO NOT support Common Core.  I am a supporter of school choice and charter schools.  We need more accountability in education.  We cannot accept failing schools and do nothing about it.  I believe that is a great area where proven charter schools can come into a community and turnaround failing schools.


We should reward great teachers with better pay and reduce testing in the classroom to focus more time on core STEM education, as well as civics and history.  Our children should learn the foundation of this country and how it works.